Minnesota Sprinkler Winterization

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Winter Sprinkler Blowout + Spring Start Up Special

Before the snow flies is also a good time to winterize your underground irrigation system and they should be inspected in the spring before they are operated.  Winterizing your sprinkler system must be done on an annual basis, before the first freeze to minimize harm to your entire sprinkler system.  When temperatures fall below 32° F., the water in your sprinkler system will freeze, expand and damage the unit.

Winter Sprinkler Blowout

Winter Sprinkler Blowout + Spring Start Up Special

To avoid this, you must winterize your sprinkler system by basically draining the water and insulating the system to prevent damage. In Minnesota, freezing temperatures can occur from fall to spring, so it’s best to winterize your system in late summer/early fall as soon as the growing season ends.

Anytime between September 15th and October 31st is ideal. Winterizing can be done after November 1st but there is a greater risk of the system freezing and causing damage.

Once the weather turns cold a very serious problem could occur if your sprinkler system does not follow a winterization process. Something like a sprinkler system winterization is too delicate a process to allow amateurs to do; allow us to keep your sprinkler system safe during the winter season.

Sprinkler Blowout

Sprinkler Blowout

Make the most out of the end of this summer and treat your lawn right! Contact a Minnesota Lawn Care Company now. Next year’s lawn will thank you for it!

Now is also a good time to make any improvement to your property. What would it be?  A new fence?  Improve your landscaping?

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